High Alloy
Centrifugal & Static

  • We can manufacture tubes from 60 mm up to 530 mm OD and up to 2.5 meters long, minimum wall thickness of 6mm.

  • Static castings from 1Kg up to 1.2 ton finished weight.

  • We manufacture both cast and wrought products. The fabricated products contain a combination of Centrifugal and static castings, welded together with the highest quality electrodes and process.


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High Alloy Centrifugal Casting and Fabricated Assemblies


Sponge iron, Iron and Steel Processing

Sink rolls,

Stabilizer Rolls,

Small diameter tubes,

Run out table rolls,

Air injection tubes,

Feed tubes,

Coal Throw pipes,

Protection Tubes,

Deck Rolls.


Heat treatment industry

Furnace Rollers,

Radiant Tubes,

Retort tubes for gas generation plants,

Hearth rollers,

Looper rolls,

Deflector rolls,

Coiling spools,

Water cooled rolls,

Entry Seal rolls,

Salt bath,

Blow pipe.



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High Alloy Static Castings


Diffusers for coil annealing furnaces,

Guard and guide plates,



Cones ,

Dish ends,

Can alloy bushes,

Heat Treatment fixtures and trays heat treatment industry,

Charge Baskets,



Skid Castings,

Door Castings & Supports for Slab Heating Furnace,

Hearth Castings for walking Beam Furnaces,

Base Tray & Basket Assy,


Cross Bars,

Tie Rods for continuous Carburizing Furnaces,

Hearth Castings for Rotary Hearth Furnace,

Static Cast U- Bends

Fans for Air Circulation in Furnaces.

If you are a customer from the Gas Plant, Heat Treatment industry, Steel Plants, Sponge Iron, Cement Industry and would like us to initiate any casting for you please feel free to contact us.




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Low Alloy Centrifugal & Static Casting



Low alloy Centrifugal Castings:-

Tubes for hydraulic cylinders with large diameters and with integrally cast flanges,

Large Diameter Winding spools for Aluminium Industry,

Tubes of various sizes and lengths,

Sleeves for hot rolling mill work rolls.

Low alloy Static Castings:-

Work Rolls for 5 High Hot rolling mills.



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Other Product Posibilities

There are many more products we can manufacture. Please feel free to have a look at the possible products listed below.

Given below is a list of products that can be manufactured using centrifugal casting, we would initiate their manufacture if a suitable customer is met with. Please feel free to contact us for any of your requirements and we will try to help you to our best.


Jet and Turbine Engine Components


Cylinder Liners, Valve Seats, Piston Rings, Bearings


Tube Plates, Flanges

Continuous Casting

Continuous Casting Rollers

General Engineering

Bearings, Bushes, Thrust Washers, Gear Blanks, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Barrels, Seals, Crane Barrels, Bearing Cages for  Ball and Roller Bearings, Duplex Castings, Centrifuge Bowls, Pump Impellers, Rotors, Compressor Liners, Flanges, and Pressure Vessels


Stators, Slip-rings


Bearings, Drive Hubs, Propellers, Engine and Pump Liners


Bearings, Cushion Rollers, Conveyor Rollers

Oil Rigs

Pump Cylinders


Rolls, Suction Cylinders


Tubes for Reformer Furnaces


Duct Rollers, Printing Blankets, Plate Cylinders


Casting and Shrouds

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