About Us


M.D.Steels has been a company at the forefront of manufacturing Conventional Metallurgy High Speed Steel (HSS),Tool Steel Centrifugal, Sand , Investment Casting,manufacturers.

M.D.Steels is a master in the technique of Horizontal and Vertical centrifugal,Sand and Investment casting Processes.

Has now mastered the manufacturing of Conventional Metallurgy High Speed Steel (HSS) M and T Series and Tool Steel Round in

form of Round Bars, Squares, Flats and Open Die forgings. backed by our extensive in-house R&D.

M. D. Steels has captured the Centrifugal, Sand , Investment Casting and Conventional Metallurgy High Speed Steel(HSS) market through its Pricing, Quality,Timely Delivery and Innovation through CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT.

With its hi-tech manufacturing unit and an Installed Manufacturing Capacity of 4000 tons / Year,

the castings are manufactured under strict quality control utilizing all the best technology.

               We Manufacture:-

  • Conventional Metallurgy High Speed Steel M and T Series and Tools steels.
  • Using  Ingot &  Centrifugal Castings, Forging and Rolling process.
  • Material is 100 % Quality tested and Certified and supplied in Annealed Condition.  
  • The supply can be in Black, Peeled or Bright Centerless ground condition.
  • Castings using Centrifugal, Sand & Investment processes.
  • Using High Alloy, High Temprature, Nickel, Cobalt, Stainless Steel Alloys.
  • Catering to various Crtitical, heat, wear, corrosion resistant applications.
We are always working toward Expansion, Growth, New Markets,New products and better alloys, Better Materials and processes for CONTINOUS development in all our manufactured prodcuts.

With its focus on quality, M.D.Steels wants to implement all the modern methods of production and control to deliver the best quality product at the most competitive prices.

We are also working towards developing, taking on CHALLENGES and introducing new alloys and materials, offering both quality and price benefits, to our customers and further enabling us to strengthen our market position.

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